Written by Ashna H., McAuliffe Scholar, Class of 2017

1.Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone

At McAuliffe, you will always come to a challenge that may be just outside your comfort zone. McAuliffe teachers can give you the tools to be able to do anything you set your mind to but, they can’t help you the whole way.  Each time you step outside your comfort zone, you will learn something new about yourself. 

2. Start to think about having a growth mindset

At McAuliffe, we talk a lot about having a growth mindset. During academic crew, we are always setting goals. If you have a growth mindset, you think you will be able to achieve something. If you are wondering what a growth mindset is, it is a way of thinking. For example, if I said, “It is going to take a while to be able to persevere through hard math problems, but I know that I will get there soon enough.” Growth mindsets help us with goals.   

3. Be ready to make goals, academic, personal and HOWLs 

At McAuliffe, you will always be working towards a goal: an academic goal, personal goal or HOWLs goal. In case you didn’t know, a goal is something that you want to achieve. Goals help us work on our individual interests which build our character and help us grow. 

4. Look around for service opportunities

At McAuliffe, all scholars and their families, are each required to complete 60 hours of service by the end of 8th grade. You can do community service by volunteering at your local food pantry or something as simple as helping to clean McAuliffe after an event. As long as you aren’t getting paid and you are doing something to help your community, it is community service. I think community service is awesome because it helps you think about the needs of others before your own.

5. Be ready to be apart of our “Crew Not Passengers” community

At McAuliffe, you may hear us talk a lot about how we are all crew, not passengers. What does that mean? Crew not passengers means that we are not here at McAuliffe for the ride but we are here to learn the knowledge that the journey brings us.