Earlier today we emailed current sixth and seventh grade families to preview a possible change to McAuliffe’s weekly schedule for the 2019-20 school year and to request their feedback. A change to Framingham Public School teacher contracts has resulted in the district adding fifteen minutes to their elementary school day. Depending on how the fifteen minutes are added to the school day, this change may impact the district’s ability to pick up McAuliffe scholars at our current dismissal time of 3:30. Anticipating this possibility, Framingham reached out to McAuliffe to see what we could do to problem solve the potential transportation challenges in a cost-effective way. We are committed to collaborating with Framingham Public Schools and so willingly met with district leaders to explore options.

After considering a number of possibilities, we came up with a weekly schedule for which the district believes it could provide reliable transportation and which McAuliffe faculty believe will allow us to implement our mission and program with fidelity. In the spirit of being “Crew, not Passengers,” we are seeking feedback from current families, scholars, and faculty. Sixth and seventh grade families can find a link to the feedback form in the email sent from McAuliffe on March 15. The Board of Trustees will be using this important feedback to inform decision-making. Additionally, this schedule change would require approval by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and is dependent on the approval of Framingham Public Schools’ 2019-20 budget. We anticipate being able to communicate McAuliffe’s official schedule for the 2019-20 school year in April or early May.

The schedule we’re considering would have consistent drop off and pick up times Monday through Friday:
7:45am – 8:00am Bus and Carpool Drop-off; Breakfast
8:00am Start of school day; Crew Begins
2:30pm End of the school day
2:30pm – 2:45pm Bus and Carpool Pick-up
2:30pm – TBD Enrichment*
~4:30pm Late Bus*
*Enrichment end time will be based on the time of the late bus provided by Framingham; we anticipate enrichment running until at least 4:30pm. We’re anticipating a late bus pick up at 4:30pm or slightly later.

One of the biggest changes in this proposed schedule would be replacing our weekly Thursday early release at 1:30pm with a monthly early release which would be closer to 11:30am (specific time TBD). Our early release Thursdays would take place approximately once per month and six of them would align with the Framingham middle school early release days.

We anticipate that a 2:30pm pick up may be difficult for some families whose scholars do not take a bus. Our hope is that our enrichment program would provide an opportunity for scholars to stay after school and be picked up later in the afternoon or take a Framingham late bus. Many of our scholars also walk to the YMCA afterschool, taking advantage of their youth membership. If feedback from families indicates that many more scholars are likely to participate in the enrichment program, McAuliffe will be responsible for adding additional enrichment opportunities so that there is truly something for everyone! Finally, we’re excited to explore opportunities for McAuliffe scholars to participate in some of the afterschool programming, such as theatre, offered by Framingham middle schools.

Our Board of Trustees will be discussing the 2019-20 schedule possibility and feedback from families, faculty, and scholars at their meeting on March 26 at 6:30pm.