Birthday Wishes CollectionScholars in Dumanksi, King, Richards and Sharrow Crews collected birthday party supplies and created 26 Birthday Boxes for the Newton based nonprofit organization, Birthday Wishes. Birthday Wishes’ mission is to provide birthday parties to children experiencing homelessness.

Part of McAuliffe’s expeditionary learning program calls for scholars to complete community service hours. Often, scholars work together with their Crew on larger projects such as the Birthday In a Box collection. We are crew, not passengers; our work together in community service leaves us strengthened through our service to others.



Some of the scholars who participated in this project had this to say about it:

  • “This project meant a lot to me since I used to live in a homeless shelter.”
  • “My birthday is so close to the holidays that I don’t always get to have my own party. Being able to do this for another kid through this donation makes me feel so happy.”
  • “This project reminded me of my grandmother who used to tell me about how it made her feel good to donate her clothes to people in need.“
  • “Working on this project made me realize that there are so many kids who don’t have the same opportunities as me. Knowing that a child in a homeless shelter will smile because of the birthday boxes we made makes me feel happy.“
  • “I get to have a birthday party every year for my birthday and I am glad that I was able to help another kid have one too.”
  • “When I was younger, I had a family member who was living in a homeless shelter, we always threw them a birthday party and it meant a lot to them.”