Geography Collage

As part of our Fall Expedition, Building Bridges From Me to We, our 6th grade scholars are diving deep into a case study about Governador Valadares. Did you know that Governador Valadares is Framingham’s sister city and a major source of Brazilians who migrate to the United States?

In geography, scholars are collaborating via Google Drive, comparing different maps to grapple with factors that influence population. They are building background knowledge about what influences where people live, so that they can eventually analyze immigration push and pull factors​ of Brazilians who join our community.

Studying Brazilians from our sister city who “built bridges” and joined a new community in the U.S. will help us research community building and answer our guiding questions: What are the characteristics of a strong bridge? Why do/should people strive to build strong bridges? What can we do to be a part of building bridges in our community?