You’re Invited!

Please join the 6th grade on December 3rd, 2015 from 6:00pm – 7:00 pm to celebrate the culmination of our fall expedition Building Bridges from Me to WeStudents are excited to share with you their learning about literal and figurative bridges, and unveil to you their final product, our very own Humans of McAuliffe website.  How better to show off how we have built bridges in our community than invite you, community members, in to celebrate and build bridges to all of us?

Schedule of events:

6:00 -6:20 Intro to Event and “crew” activities in crew rooms
6:20-6:45 Meet with student B.O.C groups to explain learning in each class and unveil our product
6:45-7:00 Time to explore in the cafe, looking at Moments that Matter from ELA, bridges from
Science, and a Geography display board.

*Note: All students are required to attend the culminating event. If you are not able to join us and are concerned about transportation, please contact your child’s crew leader as soon as possible.