Culture and Character Supports

Student Culture Team (SCT): The Student Culture Team, facilitated by the Culture and Character Coach and school counselors, focuses on decreasing patterns of negative behavior (rumors, drama, gossip) and increasing scholars being upstanders who treat one another with kindness and respect. The team also focuses on creating a positive school environment by bringing spirit and pride to the school. Members of the team plan and lead Grade Level and Community Meetings throughout the year.

Adult Culture Team: McAuliffe’s Culture Leadership Team (CLT) leads the implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in order to create a positive school culture in which academic success and appropriate, positive behaviors are the norm.

Culture and Character Coach: Anthony Fratantonio serves as McAuliffe’s Culture and Character Coach. He leads the school in its implementation of positive behavioral norms including restorative practices, collaborative problem solving, social-emotional learning, PBIS, and relational HOWLs.  Among these responsibilities, he also co-facilitates the Student and Adult Culture Teams.

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