Eighth graders in T4L2 are  learning about how the Internet works – moving beyond “the cloud” to think about the physical infrastructure of this resource we use every day. Scholars have been activating the Inquiry HOWL to consider some complex questions as follows:

  • Should the Internet be considered a utility?
  • How do we get cellular service here at McAuliffe? Or at the Natick Mall?
  • What are the components of the cell site in the Home Depot parking lot?
  • How do people in rural India get connected to the Internet?
Rob Sherman, Vice President of IT at American Tower and a McAuliffe parent, joined our 8th grade T4L2 classes as an expert to answer these questions and more.  Mr. Sherman helped to further demystify the powerful tool we too often take for granted. To learn more about the work of American Tower – and to discover how people in rural India get online – watch the video linked to here.