Written and designed by Ashwin S., McAuliffe Scholar Class of 2016

This is a game that we play in our 7th grade Algebra class. The software that we use is Desmos, which is an online graphing calculator that allows you to play these amazing games.  Our teacher creates the game by making points which he then uses as his enemy ships. He uses these ships to create graphs and fire upon Earth, so we must race against him to create the graph first and save Earth!

When the Earth is under attack, you become the hero and save the day!

Graph your way to victory and fight off the alien invasion.

In this challenge you can put your graphing skills to the test!

  • Imagine your graph is a laser shot and that laser shot will either save the day or cause the destruction of Earth.
  • The time limit is your choice.
  • You take the wheel because you’re in control.
  • Help save the Earth and the human race.
  • Open the link below to become a battle commander!  Try it out!

Click here to play!

For more of a challenge, try this one!

Click here to play!

Outside of Algebra class I have used the Desmos program to create these two cool graphs!

Iron Man
Autobot vs Decepticon


Answer Key:

Answer to the first game:
Answer to the second game: