Thank you to all of the families who provided us feedback in last month’s Family Survey.  Based on the feedback we received regarding our communication practices, we will be eliminating our Mid-Week Announcement and instead will be focusing our communication efforts in the following ways:

Friday Newsletters (Weekly) The Friday newsletter provides information about upcoming events and deadlines as well as a message from a school leader.

Friday newsletters are archived on our website here.

Grade Level Updates (Bi-Weekly) The Grade Level Updates are sent bi-weekly and provide information from our teachers specific to the content being taught in each core class.

Grade Level Updates are archived on our website here.

Facebook We post regular content to our Facebook page including date and deadline reminders.

Our Facebook page can be found here.

Google Calendars McAuliffe maintains Google calendars that you can easily sync with your own calendar. Click here for the school calendar and click here for the Enrichment calendar.
Emails (Occasional) While we will continue to rely on the weekly Friday Newsletter to communicate via email there will be times when we will send emails with additional information to the whole community or a sub-group of families (e.g. by grade, special education, town, etc).
Website Resources We’re currently exploring ways to update the resources section of our website so that information is easier for families to find. If you’re interested in providing input during this process, please email Mara Gorden, Director of Community Development at