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McAuliffe’s Parent Teacher Group (PTG) Announces 7th Annual Alumni Scholarship Award Winner

For the 7th year in a row, the McAuliffe Parent teacher Group (PTG) voted to fund a $500 scholarship for a McAuliffe scholar who is graduating and is planning to pursue education beyond high school.

This year, the scholarship committee has chosen McAuliffe Alum Abby Burgess, who attends the Beaver Country Day School, to receive the award. Abby will be studying at Dartmouth College this fall hoping to major in Native American Studies and Environmental Science. We are excited to continue to follow her journey.

Each year the McAuliffe Scholarship committee asks applicants to draw on their experience at McAuliffe and explain how their experience contributed to their high school experience or plans for the future. Abby’s application essay, along with her academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and community service, showcased just how much of an impressive young lady she is.

Abby plays a leadership role at Jeff’s Place, helping other teens grieve their personal losses. She is the president of her school’s environmental club, and she is one of the organizers and founders of the inaugural TEDx program at Beaver. Abby’s teachers describe her as ‘hard-working’, as a student who ‘demonstrates the highest level of inquiry’, as ‘a classroom leader’ and ‘quite simply, a terrific person’.

Executive Frank Tipton remarked that “Abby demonstrates the highest level of team-building and service to others. Her efforts exemplify the values we teach at McAuliffe.”

“It is with great pleasure that the McAuliffe Alumni Scholarship committee is able to present Abby with this award.” ~Lauren Cunningham & Meghan Martin, McAuliffe Alumni Scholarship Committee Chairs