Written by Miles W., Scholar Class of 2020

In my current events lab at McAuliffe Charter School, I read an article from Newsela on dress codes. This is my opinion on the subject.

I think uniforms can be the solution, but it’s not one of the high runners in my opinion. I think this because I like being able to choose and wear my own outfit/clothes. In response to this issue I have come up with some solutions of my own.

One of them is, if the dress code is enforced because of distractions, instead of punishing the person responsible for the distraction the better idea is to punish the person getting distracted. If the kids getting distracted learn not to look at people that way, then the problem would be solved.

Another option is to create uniforms in different styles and colors. If the students feel the freedom they would feel without uniforms but within boundaries, then the dress code problem would be solved. I hope this small contribution will help this problem fade away.