Ms. Ackerman’s 6th grade Design scholars are practicing being Product Designers in collaboration with T4L2 teacher, Michelle Ciccone, researching tech and its effect on the brain, body, emotions, and social well-being. They were given the task of redesigning a piece of technology and creating new and improved sketches inspired by 3D objects. They did a great job persevering with design challenges as they arose.

yoelYoel Eller, a 2008 McAuliffe Alumni, is working with Ms. Ackerman and her scholars as an expert in the field of 3Dprinter printing. While at the University of Massachusetts, Yoel built his own 3D printer and conducted research around its use to quickly rebuild  homes in areas that have been devastated by natural disasters.


Yoel connected his zest for problem-solving and creative entrepreneurship with his personal McAuliffe experience focusing on design principles like success and failure and perseverance-defining what being a product designer and innovator is all about.

What a great gift to the 6th grade scholars!