Written by Mark McKellar, McAuliffe 8th Grade Math and Science Teacher
Reposted from his blog, On The Shoulders of Giants.

This is my favorite button in the whole school.
It’s the “clear all” button on the copiers. Its function is to clear out all the settings for the copy job that has just run. It makes me wish there was a clear all button for life.
Wouldn’t it be nice it we could just clear out what happened before – before we said the wrong thing, before we decided not to study, before we were misunderstood, before we made a poor decision?
Everyone needs a clear all button sometimes. Maybe you’ve said the wrong thing at the wrong time. Maybe you’ve hurt someone’s feelings. Maybe you did something you regret and wish you could undo it. Maybe you didn’t do something you were supposed to. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone – students and adults – could really use a clear all button sometimes.
But life doesn’t give do-overs.
There is no revision history to scroll through.
There are no clear all buttons in life.
If you do something or say something you wish you could undo, you’re out of luck. All you can do to fix it, is to find a way to set it right. Apologize, explain what you really meant, study extra hard next time, maybe see your teacher for extra help.
Time only moves forward. There’s no going back. You can only move on and make amends the best you can – to your friends, to your family, to others in your life, and, most importantly, to yourself. That’s all you can do and sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough.
There are no clear all buttons in life, but, really, wouldn’t it be nice…