As part of their study of ancient civilizations, our 7th grade scholars recently investigated the Code of Hammurabi,  a set of 282 laws created in Ancient Babylon that were one of the first codes of law to apply to all people. Scholars grappled with the prompt Hammurabi’s Code: Is it Just? and wrote a position paper using reasoning and evidence to defend their stance.

Following February vacation 7th graders will shift their focus to justice at McAuliffe by investigating and evaluating our current discipline practices and the recently enacted state discipline law. An important part of our scholars’ learning involves COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT and leading ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS with small groups of parents/guardians, board members, alumni, and other experts and guests who will be asked to give input to the school’s current practices and help inform the potential for more integration of restorative disciplinary practices at McAuliffe.

Join us on Tuesday, March 8th (5:30pm, 6:30pm, or both!) to participate in a roundtable discussion hosted by our 7th grade scholars:

  • Small groups of scholars will share with a small (7-10 member) group of guests what they have learned about restorative practices.
  • They’ll facilitate a roundtable discussion to hear thoughts, opinions, reactions, ideas from participants.
  • Scholars will use input from the roundtable discussions to share findings and make recommendations to McAuliffe school leaders.