Interview by: Edie B. and Benjy W.

Question 1: What TV character do you consider your “spirit character?”
Cameron: Bart Simpson

Question 2: If you could be a cheese, what cheese would you be?
Cameron: Parmesan

Question 3: What is your favorite meme?
Cameron: No. 15

Question 4: What would you do with a billion dollars?
Cameron: Buy a couple hundred cats

Question 5: Who is your favorite YouTuber?
Cameron: Pewdiepie

Question 6:  If your birthday was on a leap year, would you leave it or want to change it?
Cameron: Leave it, I’d want to be different and weird.

Question 7: Who inspires you most in your life?
Cameron: No idea

Question 8: What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?
Cameron: I’d hike the mountains of North Korea and swim the seven seas.

Question 9:  How does it feel to chew 5 Gum?
Cameron: It feels very stimulating in my senses.

Question 10: What is the worst celebrity baby name you can think of for yourself?
Cameron: I honestly don’t have an answer.