Interview by:  Bryanna B. and Rui D.

Question 1: What is your dream career?
Suyasha: Pilot

Question 2: What is your favorite song?
Suyasha: “Young Blood.” by 5 SOS.

Question 3: Laurel or Yanny?
Suyasha: I don’t remember

Question 4: Who is your biggest inspiration?
Suyasha: My Mom

Question 5: If you were a teddy bear what color would you be?
Suyasha: Blue

Question 6: What is your Halloween costume this year?
Suyasha: Myself

Question 7: What is your favorite Disney movie?
Suyasha: Mulan

Question 8: What is your favorite meme/vine?
Suyasha: That one girl with sunglasses and braces.

Question 9: What is your spirit animal?
Suyasha: An elephant.

Question 10: What is your favorite color?
Suyasha: Blue