Interview by: Samantha C. and Daniel A.

Question 1: What is your favorite TV show?
Zachary: Spongebob

Question 2: Do you play a sport? If so, then which one?
Zachary: Yes, I play soccer

Question 3: What is your favorite holiday?
Zachary: Hanukkah

Question 4: Is water wet?
Zachary: Yes….

Question 5: What country do you think will win the next World Cup?
Zachary: Argentina

Question 6: Do you prefer video games or books?
Zachary: Video games

Question 7: Since you are a 6th grader, how has your first year at McAuliffe been?
Zachary: It’s been ok.

Question 8: Would you rather have the ability to talk to animals or read people’s minds?
Zachary: Read people’s minds.

Question 9: Lastly, do you play Fortnite?
Zachary: Yes!