Teachers and scholars are starting to launch spring expeditions! As always, we try to include experts who can speak to our students and engage them in authentic, real-world learning. In particular, we are looking for:

  • Individuals who have immigrated to this country and are willing to be interviewed by a small group of 7th grade students during the school day, who will write up their experiences. We are particularly seeking immigrants who currently live in the Metro-West area,
  • Journalists or other writers willing to speak with 7th graders about the process of interviewing people, and / or who are willing to offer expert feedback to scholars about their writing,
  • Experts in the field of juvenile justice. We are especially seeking people who have worked on either side of the “Raise the Age Campaign (in Massachusetts or elsewhere),
  • Slam poets
  • Experts in the shoe industry, especially those who work in the area of shoe manufacture or corporate responsibility
  • Experts in web design / web layout.

Please reach out to Nellie Zupancic, Director of Teaching and Learning (nzupancic@mcauliffecharter.org) or Brian Callahan, Humanities Instructional Coach (bcallahan@mcauliffecharter.org), if you have any leads.

We appreciate your support, and hope this list of needs also gives you a sense of some of the exciting work scholars will be doing this spring!