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Working in teams, students assigned scores according to a rubric designed to measure social responsibility.  Each shoe company was assigned four scores based on the rubric criteria, and then these individual scores were added together to create a Corporate Responsibility Score, expressed out of a maximum of twenty points.  The sidebar menu features the names of the shoe companies we reviewed, sorted by Corporate Responsibility Score, with the companies with the best ratings appearing at the top of the list.

CLICK HERE to see the Rubric we used to score the shoe companies

The Christa McAuliffe Charter School is an EL Learning School, which means that learning occurs on multiple fronts and through multiple lenses. Students explored labor practices and issues of social responsibity in their Social Studies class, wrote up their analyses in English class, and explored the design elements of footwear in their Design class.

The gallery on this page is composed of artwork produced by McAuliffe students in the Spring of 2017.