Now that spring is officially here, plans are underway for all of our upcoming spring events. We have outlined below important dates. Please note the change in the 7th grade event date that was previously shared.

Culminating Events
Culminating Events are evening celebrations of learning during which our scholars showcase their spring learning expeditions to families and other members of the community. These events are mandatory for all scholars. We aim to have at least one parent/guardian attend each event to celebrate their scholar’s learning.  Events begin at 6pm and scholars are expected to arrive by 5:45pm

The spring schedule for culminating events is as follows:

 Date Grade
Thursday, June 1 8th grade
Thursday, June 8 6th grade
Tuesday, June 13

**Note date change**

7th grade

8th Grade Fieldwork
The 8th graders will be going on their spring fieldwork during the week of June 5 – June 9.

The 8th grade fieldwork is meant to give closure to our scholars’ time at McAuliffe by spending some time reflecting on our design principles. Scholars will be experiencing the natural world by camping at Camp Hi Rock in Mount Washington, MA. They will be partaking in day hikes and backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail! Scholars will be challenging themselves to apply the skills they have learned in Adventure class.

Scholars will be going for a three day/two night trip during that week. Groupings by Crew are being finalized now by the 8th grade teachers. One trip will leave from McAuliffe on Monday June 5 during school hours and will return on Wednesday June 7 in time for scholars to catch their buses. The second group will be leaving on Wednesday June 7 returning back to McAuliffe on June 9. There will be more information coming soon about which crews will be traveling on each trip.