Scholars in Mr. Anderson’s STEM lab were presented a challenge during each lab session.  Some of the topics included catapults, lunar landers, towers, the structural integrity of buildings, tornadoes, and hurricanes. To culminate the semester, Mr. Anderson asked the class to come up with their own STEM challenge. Each of the eight groups presented their challenge and then it was put to a vote to determine which challenge the class would undertake. The winning challenge titled “The Water Filter Challenge” asked scholars to produce the cleanest water using the following materials: coffee filters, fine sand, small rocks, large rocks, sawdust, cotton balls, steel wool, tin foil, and 2-liter bottle.

The group whose water ran the clearest created their filter with the following materials in this order Coffee filter #1–>Black Sand–>Coffee Filter #2–>Potting Soil–>Coffee Filter #3–>Small Rocks–>Cotton Balls on top of rocks.