Summer Reading is a great way for scholars to maintain their reading and analysis skills while they are out of school, ideally while reading books they enjoy. This summer, McAuliffe scholars are required to read two books that they haven’t read before.

The first book should be selected from our “Book Group Book List.” In the first weeks of school, scholars will be matched with a group of students and at least one faculty member who also read the book and will engage in a text-based discussion. Students do not need to write anything about their book group book but should come prepared to talk about the text they read.



The second book is entirely up to the scholar; once students have read their additional book, they should fill out an index card with the book’s title, author, and a brief summary.

You can find the complete requirements, including the Book Group Book List and other recommended titles, here. Please contact Brian Callahan, Humanities Instructional Coach, at, if you have any questions.