On Tuesday, January 9, 2018 the entire McAuliffe community came together for our monthly community meeting. We celebrated our scholars who earned awards during Trimester One. McAuliffe distributes three types of awards at the end of each trimester. The awards celebrate strong Habits of Work and Learning, improvements to Habits of Work and Learning, and performance in specific subject areas.

McAuliffe’s Habits of Work and Learning are perseverance, responsibility, collaboration, and inquiry. These are explicitly taught alongside content area with the understanding that the stronger a scholar’s habits of work and learning, the stronger his or her academic success.

Executive Director, Kristin Harrison said, “Congratulations to the scholars who received awards that celebrate their academic growth and accomplishments from Trimester 1! I look forward to seeing more scholars receiving HOWLs and HOWLs Improvement awards at the end of Trimester 2 because this will mean that they are taking charge of their learning, their character, and their destiny.”

HOWLs Awards were given to scholars who were Meeting on each of their Trimester 1 Habits of Work and Learning. (HOWLs) Each of the following scholars received a Trimester 1 HOWLs award to recognize them for their hard work during the first trimester of the year.

Class of 2020: 6th Grade

Sally A.

Riley C.

Rui D.

Arthur D.

Cassandra D.

Stephanie G.

Henry G.

Mitchell G.

Samuel G.

Janie H.

Ethan H.

Matthew K.

Nathan L.

Sophia M.

Felix M.

Noely M.

Carlyn N.

Joao H.

Ashley N.

Thiago O.

Samantha O.

Naomi O.

Avi P.

Ria P.

Mary R.

Marabel S.

Josee S.

Joshua S.

Nida S.

Miles W.

Amelia W.

Matthew Z.

Class of 2019: 7th Grade

Devan A.

Mila B.

Maya B.

Faith A.

Keira C.

Amelia C.

Katya C.

Ellie C.

Emerson D.

Scarlette D.

Lillian D.

Claire E.

Anna E.

Yaneli G.

Leila K.

Dana K.

Megan K.

Miranda L.

Chloe M.

Rachel M.

Thomas M.

Cameron N.

Kevin H.

Keira R.

Abigail R.

Claudia S.

Sarah S.

Samantha S.

Colin S.

Jordan S.

Maayan W.

Class of 2018: 8th Grade

Dorothy A.

Ryan A.

Chiara A.

Alisha A.

Daniel A.

Murselle A.

Sylvia A.

Edie B.

Lawson B.

Cora C.

Casey C.

Nicholas D.

Rachael E.

Erik E.

Amanda L.

Elana G.

Johnathan G.

Lucas G.

Charles K.

Nicholas M.

Emma M.

Maggy M.

Carolyn M.

Mahek P.

Lucas P.

Amanda R.

Andrew R.

Owen R.

Marlena S.

Elizabeth S.

Rowan W.

Benjamin W.

HOWLs Improvement Awards were given to seventh and eighth graders who made substantial gains on their Habits of Work and Learning from Trimester 3 of the 2016-17 school year to Trimester 1 of the 2017-18 school year.  Each of the following scholars received a Trimester 1 HOWLs Improvement award to recognize them for their efforts and growth mindset that led to substantial improvement.

Class of 2019: 7th Grade

Austin B.

Fedor B.

Aidan B.

Bryanna B.

Sam C.

Jonathan D.

Jack D.

Brett G.

Nickolas H.

Piyush J.

Jessica L.

Trevor L.

Lindsay N.

Chris O.

Haley P.

Reece R.

Makayla S.

Brock S.

Class of 2018: 8th Grade

Igor D.

Kai D.

Josh O

Evan R.


Content Area Awards were given to scholars identified by their teachers for strong performance or improvement in a specific subject area. The follow scholars were recognized by their teachers:


Class of 2020: 6th Grade

English Language Arts:

Kiyomi E.

Nathan L.

Josee S.


Mark B.

Sam G.

Ashley N.


Sally A.

Eleanor F.

Henry G.

Justin S.


Cassandra D.

Nyasia M.

Bryan P.

World Language:

Patrick A. (French)

Jacob F. (Spanish)

Breanna H. (Spanish)

Related Arts:

Kristina C. (Design)

Rui D. (Adventure)

Ashley K. (T4L2)

Matthew K. (Wellness)

Class of 2019: 7th Grade
English Language Arts:

Olivia B.

Mila B.

Abigail R.

Social Studies:

Renee C.

Jack C.

Ian L.


Noah C.

Nicolle D.

Aadya A.


Sophie B.

Alder B.

Cameron L.

World Language:

Cooper B. (Spanish)

Jack C. (Spanish)

Maayan W. (French)

Related Arts:

Devan A. (Adventure)

Josh B. (Wellness)

Anna E. (T4L2)

Makayla S. (Design)

Class of 2018: 8th Grade

English Language Arts:

Sylvia A.

Michael D.

Isabella M.

Keilah N.

Social Studies:

Jake C.

Hans D.

Parker S.


Lawson B.

Nick D.

Arnav S.


Bernide B.

Amanda F.

World Language:

Nyosha H. (French)

Ashlyn N. (Spanish)

Gabriel P. (Spanish)

Related Arts:

Alexandra F. (Design)

Charlotte F. (T4L2)

Jonathan G. (Wellness)

Benjamin W. (Adventure)