Written by Megan S., McAuliffe Scholar, Class of 2016

Crew? What does that mean?

Crew is always a fun place to be, no matter who else is in it, or what grade you’re in. What is crew, though? As a 4th grader, when my older sister first entered McAuliffe, when I heard the word crew, I didn’t know what it meant, because it was not a word that I had ever heard used in school before. Well, McAuliffe isn’t just your average public school, it’s a school with unique characteristics. Let me explain to you what crew is.

At McAuliffe, crew is similar to homeroom. It’s a place to go in the morning and prepare yourself for the day. During the week, you spend at least half an hour with your crew everyday, and those thirty minutes put me in a good mood most days.

Who else will be in my crew?

On my first day of 6th grade I was beyond nervous. Luckily, my crew was there to welcome me into the system. They were all very friendly and kind people, and I am forever happy that I was put into that crew. I met one of my good friends in that crew, and today we are still friends. Don’t be nervous about who will be in your crew next year because in the end, I assure you it will all work out just fine.

What happens during crew?

During crew, you do a variety of different activities. These activities vary from day to day. One day you might play a team building game such as ‘0ne duck fell in the pond kerplunk’, while on another you may work on setting academic goals. My favorite part about crew is just getting to relax and give my mind a break from the day’s work. My favorite crew was my 7th grade crew with Mrs. Ackerman, the design teacher. Her crew was a nice balance between work and fun. We did academic projects, and we also made time for crew activities which were always my favorite. The reason why I loved this crew so much was because we were actually like a family. All of our crew members got along, and while there were little disagreements sometimes, but at the end of the day, we all loved each other like family.

Will I make or have friends in my crew? What if I don’t know anybody?

Have no fear, my friend, you’ll be just fine. You’ll most definitely make a friend or two in your crew. Especially in 6th grade, everybody is feeling the same way as you are, so just say hi, everyone wants a new friend. In my 6th grade crew I made a friend, in my seventh grade crew I made 3, and this year, I made another 2 and know all the other people well enough to talk to them. I’m a shy person, so crew has helped me a lot, and if you are shy like me, it will help you as well. Crew helps shy people by encouraging them to be more open about their thoughts. After a weekend, crews share out about what they did and this can help make a shy person a bit more outgoing.

So, what sorts of fun activities…?

Oh, the list is endless, but I can name a few that I’ve played in my crews. Last year, my crew played games like telephone, honey I love you, and below the knee tag. Fun activities are not just limited to in school crew. Many crews have planned activities outside of school. Crews go to many different places, such as skyzone, the movies, or even apple picking! My seventh grade crew went to a couple of movies during the school year, and we even had a crew ‘reunion’ this year. We watched The Maze Runner, Cinderella, and The Good Dinosaur together.

Do you like pizza? Because a lot of crew leaders treat their crews to end of the year or celebratory pizza parties! All in all, crew is just a really fun experience and time of day.

Okay, so… what is crew?

Crew is so many things, and has many different meanings to all of us, but most importantly, crew is something that should be savored, because things as amazing as crew, only last for 3 years.  

Some the games you can look forward toplay in crew:

  • TELEPHONE: One person comes up with a random sentence, and whispers it into the ear of the person sitting next to them, making sure that nobody else in the circle hears. Then, the second person whispers it to the person sitting next to them, and so on, until the last person in the circle has been told the sentence. That person then says the sentence out loud and they compare it to the original sentence.
  • HONEY, I LOVE YOU: One person stands in the middle of a circle, and goes up to any person and professes their love for him or her. The person who is being told this cannot smile or laugh or else they will be in the middle of the circle. After they are told that they are loved, this person must say “Honey, I love you but I just can’t smile.”
  • BELOW THE KNEE TAG: Everybody is ‘it’ in this game, but the only place to be tagged is below your knee. If somebody tags you below your knee, then you are out, and you must sit down until the person who tagged you gets out.