8th grade world language scholars explored the varied elements that constitute identity and how identity is understood in cultures of the French and Spanish speaking world. They learned how to present facts about appearance, nationality, gender, personality, family relationships and professions. Scholars also explored the values that individuals uphold and how one’s actions might align with one’s values.

To prepare their culminating products, scholars reflected on how they define their own identity, and exchanged ideas with peers in target language conversations. Each scholar then produced two pages for a class scrapbook: one page illustrating who they are today and the second showing how they imagine themselves in the future.

Spanish student Marlena S. found that the project required her to do more than just show off her growing language skills. “I learned about myself. I didn’t think much about my future before this project. When the project came up I learned more about myself and my future.”

Dot A. said that “trying to figure out what to write about” was the most challenging part of her French project. “I thought about what I wanted to do when I was older. It made me think about my morals.”

The integration of design and art skills in the scrapbook pages appealed to scholars. Marlena noted that “putting together the art piece was fun to do, kind of like doing a collage. I did overlapping and cut out papers with the text in the middle for a focal point.”

The completed scrapbook pages were gathered into albums in each classroom. Scholars will revisit their scrapbooks in June for a final reflection on their hopes for the future before they head off to high school.

The slideshow below shows a sampling of the scrapbooks.