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6th Grade Team

6th Grade Team
Amanda Donze

Ms. Donze joined McAuliffe in 2021. Ms. Donze loves this school and how the community focuses on relationship building with the students. She loves all her students, though her CREW kids will always have a special place in her heart! Ms. Donze wouldn’t get this crew aspect if she wasn’t here at McAuliffe! #weareCREW
Brian Callahan
Social Studies

Mr. Callahan joined the McAuliffe team in 2009. Mr. Callahan is inspired by the EL Education model and McAuliffe’s deep commitment to deeper learning and character development. Mr. Callahan is inspired by students everyday and strives to deliver compelling lessons that challenge, engage, and empower. He believes all students deserve to attend a school where they feel like they belong and can be successful.
Sarah Tadmor

Mrs. Tadmor joined the McAuliffe team in 2010. Ms. Tadmor loves the tight-knit community feel at McAuliffe, and how she can have fun with her students and come to know them really well. It’s this general vibe of love and support, and seeing her students accomplish things they never thought they could, that keeps her here year after year.
Emerson Warren

Mx. Warren joined the McAuliffe team in 2022. Mx. Warren loves making kids think about how the world works and uncovering the natural magic of the universe around us. In their sixth grade science classroom, they want their students to embrace their curiosity to look at the world around them, ask questions, and have fun finding the answers.
Eric Hansen

Mr. Hansen joined the McAuliffe team in 2023. His McAuliffe appointment followed his BS in Communications (Film Production) and Ed.M. in Education from Boston University, and his early teaching experience in the Brookline Public Schools, and at Codman Academy in Dorchester. In addition, as an undergraduate at BU.
McAuliffe’s EL Education model and inclusive, student-focused community were the initial attractions for Mr. Hansen; meeting the students, faculty, and staff, however, completely won him over! Mr. Hansen is a tech savvy, innovative math teacher who is committed to creativity, maker education, design thinking, and equity in the classroom. He believes that at its best, math proficiency goes beyond the ability to solve math problems and equations. It also means being able to make sense of math. It represents the students’ ability to solve math problems, as well as their ability to understand and explain the strategies and reasoning behind their work. With these abilities, students will be able to use math to best serve their needs and interests, and better understand the world around them.
Dan Snyder

Mr. Snyder joined the McAuliffe team in 2017. Mr. Snyder applied to McAuliffe six years ago because he wanted to join a student and community centered school. He continues to come back every year, in a variety of roles, because the McAuliffe community; students, co-workers and families are amazing! He hopes to retire here and teach McAuliffe scholars for years to come!
Maribel Cardona-Bernal

Sra. Bernal joined the McAuliffe team in 2020. Sra. Bernal It inspires to have the opportunity to transmit to students part of other cultures and perspectives and that they can take with them a tool that is to know another language with them in their future and be part of their growth.
Carly White
Special Education

Miss. White joined the McAuliffe team in 2012. Miss White came to McAuliffe right out of college and has stayed here because of the community she is surrounded by at McAuliffe. She loves that McAuliffe is a community that comes together to support each other and helps lift up the successes of everyone. She is a big fan of EL Education because it allows students to own their growth and take part in meaningful work. She is looking forward to another great school year!
Julie Young
Special Education

Ms. Young joined the McAuliffe team in 2022. Ms.Young joined the McAuliffe community in the fall of 2022. She is a dedicated 6th Grade Special Educator who is committed to ensuring that every scholar thrives in a safe, supportive learning environment. She enjoys that the McAuliffe community is inclusive and encourages scholars to explore who they are as learners. She really loves the expeditions and culminating events, where scholars demonstrate their understanding and share their various skills. Ms.Young also loves that McAuliffe has Crews. They allow her to really get to know her scholars, and build strong, trusting relationships with each of them.
Debbie Izen
Special Education

Ms. Izen join McAuliffe in the fall of 2022. Ms. Izen was inspired to join Mcauliffe after her daughter graduated from here in 2019. Ms. Izen loves how hands on the school is, from stem projects to culminating events. Ms. Izen loves when we invite people to see what is accomplished within the school. Ms. Izen is inspired by students going from knowing a few people to becoming a family due to crew and field work. Ms. Izen is looking forward to another year of growing at Mcauliffe.
Christen Bekheet

Mrs. Bekheet joined the McAuliffe team in 2022. Mrs. Bekheet likes working in McAuliffe because she sees how much effort that teachers and administrators put in to help the students to grow . The staff are so helpful and kind to each other. She really love and appreciates working in this school.
Anna Vescio

Anna joined the McAuliffe staff in 2023. Anna comes to McAuliffe after working in outdoor education for 8 years at Nature’s Classroom. She is excited to continue helping students find their confidence and push themselves to take risks in their learning.
CJ Rish

Mrs. Rish joined the McAuliffe team in 2017. Mrs. Rish first came to McAuliffe as a parent; two of her four children are McAuliffe alumni. When the opportunity was available, Mrs. Rish joined the staff as the ELE (English Learner Education) coordinator and teacher. She is passionate about the English language, writing, and helping students live up to their full potential. Mrs. Rish believes that the HOWLs and building a kind and empathetic community are the keys to student success.
Jennifer Hart
Reading Specialist

Mrs. Hart joined the McAuliffe staff in 2020. Mrs. Hart loves working at McAuliffe for many reasons- the top reason being the students and the staff who are here. The staff work tirelessly for their students, constantly showing students how much they are loved and cared for. The students at McAuliffe are enjoyable to be around because they have fun-loving spirits, and a desire to learn in ways that traditional schools do not use (i.e. fieldwork, camping/rafting trips, high ropes courses, etc). McAuliffe allows all teachers and students to become leaders in their school community, and this ability inspires both staff and students to be their best.
Molly Smith
Technology Integration Specialist

Miss. Smith joined the McAuliffe team in 2019. Miss Smith believes that McAuliffe is a place that is dedicated to helping all students become thoughtful and innovative citizens. Expeditionary Learning is designed to help students think deeply about complex topics and push themselves to do more than they thought possible. Miss Smith loves working with McAuliffe students and especially enjoys being able to teach all three grades every year. She really enjoys teaching technology, but also helping teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms.
Kathy Bogue
Related Arts Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Bogue joined the McAuliffe team in 2010. In 2004, Mrs. Bogue set out to find the best middle school in Framingham for her four children. When she toured McAuliffe, she knew she had found it. The students AND the teachers she met were excited about learning. They were honest about what was challenging. They were also confident that their “crew” would support them. They spoke about their values as much as they did about the work they were doing. Nearly twenty years later, Mrs. Bogue is still in love with the crew, the learning, and the values that are McAuliffe.
Doug Ashby

Mr. Ashby arrived at McAuliffe after 22 years of teaching art at the middle school level. What attracted Mr. Ashby to McAuliffe was the aspect of EL learning and how his role as a specialist, the design teacher, will be utilized within the larger context of the academic environment. Art is simply a vehicle for Mr. Ashby to engage in learning. It is his springboard if you will. Mr. Ashby hopes that his passion for art will inspire his students to search out how their passion in life can be leveraged for success in all their current and future learning endeavors.
Colin Norgaard

Mr. Norgaard joined the McAuliffe team in 2021. Mr. Norgaard wanted to find a community that he could call family. He has a diverse background and love for all entities of Wellness that he wants to share with all scholars. His passion goes way beyond just the classroom setting.
Max Feldman
Adventure Teacher

Mr. Feldman joined the McAuliffe team in 2023. Mr. Feldman is a passionate and energetic teacher who enjoys staying active through all kinds of outdoor activities. He believes that Experiential Learning is makes a key difference in the development of young students, and that the educational should be an adventure.