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School Support Staff

School Support Staff
Abby Lyons
Office Manager
508-879-9000 x600

Abby joined the McAuliffe team in 2009. Abby has always found comfort and inspiration in McAuliffe’s strong respect for staff and student individuality. We are artists, musicians, writers, engineers, chefs, etc, yet we are one. McAuliffe’s colorful and talented community is truly unmatched.
Sarabeth Guptill
508-879-9000 x100

Sarabeth joined the McAuliffe team in 2018. Both of Sarabeth’s children attended McAuliffe, and what she has ALWAYS loved about the school is CREW. It is such an important part of what makes McAuliffe so special. That time spent in Crew getting to know one another in such a personal way helps you feel connected and not alone. You don’t see that in other middle schools.
Frankie Trombino
School Nurse
508-879-9000 x156

Nurse Frankie joined the McAuliffe team in 2021. Nurse Frankie came to McAuliffe originally as the substitute nurse and the Lead Project Coordinator for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for Covid-19. After Covid-19 was considered over, Nurse Frankie continued to substitute for the Nurse. When the job opened she was honored to become the fulltime Nurse. After being in McAuliffe for the last few years my caretaking personality will not allow me to leave my scholars and staff. Nurse Frankie loves watching over and taking care of our entire school for health and safety reasons.
Be Perron
Enrichment Coordinator

Be joined our fabulous team in 2020. Be has been a long time subscriber to hands on learning and loves to support those opportunities for students during enrichment. She has enjoyed being a part of the McAuliffe community as a parent, all 3 of her children have graduated from McAuliffe, and now loves it more as a staff member.
Daniel Pontes-Macedo
Guest Teacher Coordinator

Mr. M joined the McAuliffe team in 2017. As a person of color, it’s always been important to me to be able support a diverse community and be a positive role model and example for children from similar backgrounds. The opportunity to be part of a school with such strong community ties and a clear vision and goal of being an active member of that community
Michaela Novais
Guest Teacher

Mary Norouzi
Instructional Aide

Ms. Norouzi joined the McAuliffe staff in 2023. She will have the pleasure of working with your kids and is looking forward to an exciting year. Ms. Norouzi is delighted to have your child in her class.
She is sure everyone will fun and be up for challenging tasks to help us reach our goals. We are going to work hard and have fun in the process.
Anna Vescio
Guest Teacher

Anna joined the McAuliffe staff in 2023. Anna comes to McAuliffe after working in outdoor education for 8 years at Nature’s Classroom. She is excited to continue helping students find their confidence and push themselves to take risks in their learning.
Madison Rinaldi
Guest Teacher

Miss Maddie joined the McAuliffe team in 2023. Miss Maddie wanted to try teaching in a new environment. After moving to Boston this fall, she was hoping for a new adventure and was looking to gain more career experience. This school seemed like it was going to provide a great opportunity for her. She is very excited to be a part of the community and looks forward to a great year!
Isaac Trombino-Aponte
Hall Monitor

Mr. T joined the McAuliffe team in 2023. Mr. T is fueled by his passion for guiding and supporting youth by setting a strong example for the students around him through example. His goal is To provide a sturdy role model for scholars in hopes to be able to show right from wrong as-well as to create a safe space for all students around him. Mr. Trombino actively chooses to participate in the McAuliffe family because he feels all of the staff and faculty here truly care about the students who attend our school, and will go to great lengths to see them succeed!
Jane Lyons
Kitchen Manager