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School Leadership

School Leaders
Zevey Steinitz
Executive Director

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Zevey Steinitz brings two decades of elementary teaching and five years of charter school administration experience to her job as Executive Director of Christa McAuliffe. She’s been an administrator at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter and Four Rivers Charter and consulted with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project and Welcoming Schools. She’s also taught courses and mentored students pursuing teaching licensure at Smith College, Springfield College, and Westfield State University. Zevey is passionate about EL Education practices like project-based learning and fostering a culture of belonging. Outside education, Zevey enjoys dance, printmaking, and outdoor activities with her family.
John Ermilio
Director of Business and HR

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Mr. Ermilio joined our staff in 2022. Mr Ermilio shares that the welcoming community of crew and scholars is what attracted and keeps him at McAuliffe. He enjoys the collaborative and collegial nature of the crew and the youthful enthusiasm of the scholars. Mr. Ermilio loves spending time with his family especially at their hockey and baseball games!
Gary Alpert
Director of Admissions and Community Outreach
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Gary joined the McAuliffe staff in 2022. Gary was inspired by the EL education philosophy that Christa McAuliffe exemplifies. Gary sees the importance of informing families, future scholars and the community at large to be aware of Christa McAuliffe incredible impact. Gary loves spending time with his family, puppy and seeing live music!
Nellie Zupancic
Director of Teaching and Learning
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Ms. Zupancic joined McAuliffe’s team in 2014. When Nellie came McAuliffe as the Humanities Instructional Coach, she was drawn to McAuliffe’s mission as an EL school. She believes that engaging kids in hands-on, meaningful work allows them to be their best selves as thinkers and community members. Ms. Zupancic loves working with our dedicated, creative faculty, and appreciates the incredible diversity of our faculty, families, and students.
Michelle Arons
Director of Special Education
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Ms. Arons joined the McAuliffe staff in 2022. Michelle Arons appreciates the culture of collective efficacy at McAuliffe where all members of the school community believe that by working as a team they have an increased power to help students achieve more. She is inspired by witnessing students thrive at McAuliffe as a result of the meaningful connections they make with the adults as well as the true sense of belonging they feel. Additionally, Ms. Arons enjoys establishing strong partnerships with the parents and families she is so fortunate to work in collaboration with.
Anthony Fratantonio
Director of Culture
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Mr. Fratantonio joined the McAuliffe team in 2015. The reason why Mr. Fratantonio has remained at McAuliffe for almost a decade is the community. The McAuliffe community is full of teachers who work extremely hard and go above and beyond for students. The McAuliffe community is full of students who make you laugh, think, and feel special. The McAuliffe community if full of parents/guardians who are great to collaborate with. Mr. Fratantonio believes that a school cannot function unless all the stakeholders in the school community are working together. Making sure every stakeholder in the school community is functioning as one is why he loves working in schools. He also enjoys living in the community as he gets to see all the families and students grow up. He claims that there is a former McAuliffe student at every restaurant, grocery store, or convenient store he goes to. What he loves most about that is getting to see his students mature and go off to college or work with a mature head on their shoulders. Mr. Fratantonio always says that he just tries to plant the seed and water it without expecting to get to see the flower grow while they are at McAuliffe. However, he knows that by living in the community, he gets to see the flower bloom one day and is proud of how he was a small part of helping that flower grow.
Karim Dao
Dean Of Students
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Mr. Dao joined the McAuliffe team in 2012. Mr. Dao is inspired and motivated by McAuliffe’s strong and passionate belief that “All scholars can get to the top of the mountain”. Mr. Dao is proud to be part of that team, a team dedicated to putting all scholars success and well being first while helping and supporting them on their journey to becoming tomorrow’s citizens.
Jamie Sharrow
Math and Science Instructional Coach
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Mrs. Sharrow began her carrer at McAuliffe in 2014. McAuliffe’s mission to hand on learning really drew Mrs. Sharrow in as she enjoys many academic and outdoor experiences. When she walks on campus, McAuliffe feels like home. The people that she works with have become family over the last 10 years. As a previous math and science teacher here, Mrs. Sharrow loves to help students find all the ways that they can be successful, which always includes learning best through mistakes. One of her favorite quotes is “practice makes progress!” She is very excited to launch into a new year of learning with you!
Elizabeth Goodenough
Humanities Instructional Coach

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Ms. Goodenough joined the McAuliffe team in 2022. Ms. Goodenough is inspired by McAuliffe’s commitment to interdisciplinary, project-based learning expeditions. She loves being part of a school that asks students to become leaders of their own learning. She is committed to supporting students as readers, writers, and analytical thinkers in their English Language Arts and Social Studies classrooms.
Christina Morello
Coordinator of Crew and Learning Operations
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Ms. Mo joined the McAuliffe team in 2003. Ms. Mo started her career at McAuliffe in the school’s second year of existence as a 7th grade math teacher. “We were a tiny school, back then! We were located in the Boys & Girls Club building downtown and we had no money, no matching furniture, but lots of heart. We were a tight knit family,” reports Ms. Mo. After teaching in Texas for 7 years, she knew that she was destined to return to McAuliffe. “At McAuliffe, kids can be themselves. They are more than just test scores. McAuliffe is a place where students discover their abilities, values, passions, and strengths.” “It a family,” says Mo. And it’s why she loves this school.