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Every scholar participates in a related arts class called Technology for Learning and Life (T4L2). Scholars are assigned a Google Chromebook at the beginning of the year and carry it from class to class. Scholars become increasingly digitally literate through their T4L2 class and the integration of technology into all of their core subjects. Examples of some past projects include the creation of podcasts, apps, slideshows, brochures, and websites.

The four questions that guide our use of technology at McAuliffe are:

  • Do McAuliffe students use technology responsibly?
  • Do McAuliffe students use technology in a way that professionals do?
  • Do McAuliffe teachers use technology to differentiate content for students?
  • Does the use of technology in lessons at McAuliffe increase student engagement?

Before a Chromebook is assigned, scholars and parents/guardians sign an agreement stating the privileges of the Chromebook and consequences of breaking, losing, or misusing it.

Every scholar and staff member is assigned a personal Google for Education account that stays with them throughout their years at McAuliffe. Scholars and teachers communicate regularly through Google Mail and use Drive for document collaboration and file sharing.

Teachers utilize Google Classroom to post assignments and announcements and Powerschool for their online gradebook. The Powerschool gradebook has an online scholar and parent portal for easy tracking of academic progress any time at home.

All Chromebook web browsers also have TextHelp’s Google Read and Write installed to provide technological reading and writing support. Some features include reading the text to the scholar, highlighting tools, and text-to-speech if the scholar wishes to talk instead of type.