McAuliffe cultivates a collaborative learning environment for our scholars and teachers in part by integrating technology into our instruction.

Teaching with Technology

McAuliffe is the first middle school in MetroWest to provide every scholar in the school with access to a laptop during each of his/her classes. Teachers integrate technology in their lessons guiding scholars to use technology as a tool to support their learning. For projects and expeditions, laptops are used for collaboration, group work, facilitating feedback, producing high-quality products (websites, posters, books, and multimedia presentations) or to Skype with experts in Boston or halfway around the world.

Scholar Email Accounts and Collaborations Tools

Every McAuliffe scholar is assigned an email account that allows scholars to communicate and collaborate with their peers and teachers. With their accounts, scholars are also provided a suite of educational apps to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. These accounts are secure, and monitored closely by McAuliffe staff.