139 Newbury Street

Framingham, MA, 01701

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 2:30pm

Afterschool Enrichment

The vision of the enrichment program is consistent with McAuliffe’s vision to “create learning environments where students achieve more than they think possible, become allies and ‘upstanders’ in a kind and welcoming school community, and actively contribute to building a better world.”

McAuliffe offers a variety of afterschool enrichment classes for a fee. 

Spring 2021

The McAuliffe enrichment program for spring 2021 offers several classes that will run 2:30-3:45 a few days/week. Scholars will sign up for the classes they chooses to take and will leave the school immediately following their class. They are able to sign up for as many classes as they choose. However, if classes do not meet the minimum number of students, the class will not run. Some classes may close due to maximum enrollment. 

Please Note: Scholars who are signed up for in-person learning are eligible for enrichment. If your scholar is signed up for remote learning then they are not able to participate. Both enrichment and track REQUIRE participation in pooled testing according to state policies.