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Winter registration begins 11/11/2019 & will close 11/22/19.


General Information

The McAuliffe Enrichment program provides a variety of classes every day. Session 1 classes run from 2:30 - 3:45 and Session 2 classes run from 3:45 - 5:00. Some classes are taught by in-house teachers and instructional aids with areas of interest and expertise that may surprise you! Other classes are taught by outside professionals such as a published author, professional artists, staff from the YMCA, parents, and alumni. We also have groups such as DEILAB, Chess Wizards, tutors from the Framingham Public Library Homework Center, and Paul Effman music coming in to bring their programs to your scholars at McAuliffe. The classes offered are designed to be both fun and challenging. Once they sign up, please encourage your scholar to continue with classes they choose to receive the full benefit offered. The vision of the enrichment program is consistent with McAuliffe’s vision to “create learning environments where students achieve more than they think possible, become allies and ‘upstanders’ in a kind and welcoming school community, and actively contribute to building a better world.”

Days of Operation - Monday through Friday
Term 1: September 3, 2019 - November 26, 2019

NO ENRICHMENT CLASSES 9/17, 9/30, 10/9, 10/14, 10/24, 10/31, 11/5, 11/11

On 11/25 and 11/26 regular enrichment classes will not be offered but theZONE will be available for scholars who are scheduled for classes those days.

Term 2: December 2, 2019 -  March 13, 2020

NO ENRICHMENT CLASSES 12/5, 12/23 - 1/2, 1/20, 2/6, 2/17 - 2/21, 2/27, 3/3, 3/5 

Term 3: March 16, 2020 - June 12, 2020

NO ENRICHMENT CLASSES 3/26, 4/10, 4/20 - 4/24, 4/30, 5/21, 5/25

TheZONE is a place for scholars to go when they are waiting for a second session class to begin, waiting for the bus, or to be picked up. Scholars must be in theZONE when not in a class. Scholars are not to leave the building and then return to school for band or another enrichment class without a note from parents or guardian. Scholars must sign up for theZONE on the enrichment registration form for each day they plan to attend. 

Late Buses
Late buses provide transportation for Framingham students who have signed up for the service.  Buses leave McAuliffe at 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday every week. Contact the Framingham School Transportation Department or call them at 508-626-9179 to sign up for late buses. NOTE: Late buses DO NOT run on Fridays and the first Monday of each month. 

Early Release Days and Vacation Days
There will be no enrichment programming on early release days or vacation days. 

Snow Days
When Framingham Schools are closed for snow, there will be no enrichment programming.



Free tutoring and homework help is available for scholars who sign up for tutoring. Tutors work with students who struggle academically, as well as with students wishing to work beyond the parameters of their classrooms. Once your scholar is signed up for tutoring, they will be expected to meet with their tutor weekly unless the scholar or tutor cancels. Tutors come to McAuliffe from the Homework Center at the Framingham Library and are proficient in a variety of subjects. To sign up for tutoring, contact Jill at

The Paul Effman Music Service is an instrumental music program that provides band practice, instruction and the opportunity to perform in a band. Sign up and cost for Band is handled directly through the Paul Effman program. Click here for music registration or call the office at (516) 921-4543 to register by phone. The program consists of 30-minute weekly small group lessons and intermittent full band rehearsals. 

Athletics Program
Sports programming will begin at 4:15 so that scholars have the opportunity to sign up for a 2:30 class and still make it to practice. Sign up and cost for Athletics are separate from Enrichment programming. Contact the athletic director at for all questions regarding athletics.


Tuition Rates and Fees

Choose the days your scholar will be staying after school and the classes they wish to take those days. Your scholar can take two classes each day they are signed up for enrichment. Rates cover the full term. 
1 day/week:        $95 / 12-week term
2 days/week:     $120 /12-week term
3 days/week:     $170 / 12-week term
4 days/week:     $220 / 12-week term
5 days/week:     $245 / 12-week term

McAuliffe will bill you electronically via MySchoolBucks which is integrated into the Powerschool Parent Portal. Families can pay online, by check, or money order.

  • After completing the registration form, please log into your MySchoolBucks account to pay for your enrichment days
  • McAuliffe accepts checks,  money orders, and also credit card payments through MySchoolBucks via the Powerschool Parent portal.  
  • No payment credits or trade days will be given for absences, school closings, or any after school activities outside of enrichment program that a child attends.

Financial Assistance
McAuliffe understands that families have hardships. We want to try and support families as we can. If you are in need of financial assistance, please send an email to Dayshel Reid, Director of Business, HR, and Facilities at Dayshel will provide you with directions on how to apply for assistance for the program. 

Tax ID Information
Please note: Per IRS Publication 503, Child & Dependent Care Expenses, page 8, "You do not have to show the taxpayer identification number if the care provider is a tax-exempt organization (such as a church or school). In this case, enter "Tax Exempt" in the space where the tax form calls for the number."