McAuliffe's 2019-20 Enrichment program is under construction. Check back in early August for details about all of the new offerings.

McAuliffe's Enrichment Program provides scholars with opportunities to participate in a variety of after school activities and clubs. There are three 12-week sessions per year (fall, winter, spring) and program offerings every afternoon so that many of our scholars participate in more than one offering. Classes and clubs are led by teachers, parents, and other community members. The program is led by the school's Enrichment Coordinator, Jill Rabideau,,508-879-9000 x120. If you need to reach the enrichment program after 4pm, please call 508.561.0882.


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Enrichment: The Basics 

  • Enrichment sessions are 12 weeks/classes long.
  • There are activities available every day of the week.
  • Classes are generally an hour long and begin five minutes after dismissal. Scholars attend class in the Main Building, the Adventure Center, the Cafe, or the Boston Church of Christ Stage.
  • Scholars attending classes that meet off campus need to arrange carpools.
  • Scholars are expected to follow McAuliffe’s Behavior Expectations and Code of Character for all Enrichment Classes. Repeated failure to do so may result in the scholar being removed from class. Any scholar on campus during Enrichment must attend a class/es.  Once a scholar has left campus, they may not return until the following day.
  • Pick up from Enrichment takes place at the door of the facility where the class is located, unless otherwise noted.
  • Scholars should be picked up at the time the class they attend ends.
  • Scholars must stay inside the locked doors until picked up.
  • Scholars who have permission may walk home, or to another location. Once scholars have been dismissed, they should not return to McAuliffe campus.
  • Families will be notified of cancellations by email, or if the cancellation is sudden, by phone. If we are unable to contact a family, the scholar will sit in on an alternate class.
  • When a scholar attends school, but will not be attending Enrichment Class, please notify the Enrichment Coordinator of the plan.  Families will be called when an expected scholar is not at class.