We are pleased to introduce our remodeled Afterschool Enrichment program at McAuliffe to accommodate our adjusted school hours. We will be offering a number of exciting opportunities daily that encompass a variety of genres. We will post and send out an email blast when registration is open. 

General Information
Hours of Operation
Each day an assortment of classes will be offered from 2:30 - 3:45 and from 3:45 - 5:00. Scholars will be able to choose up to two classes each afternoon.

Monday through Friday
Term 1: September 3, 2019 - November 26, 2019
Term 2: December 2, 2019 -  March 13, 2020
Term 3: March 16, 2020 - June 12, 2020

A wide variety of enrichment classes will be offered that include movement, art, drama, science, music, games, and computer activities. 

TheZONE offers scholars a place to go while waiting for a class or ride when class is over. Scholars must be in TheZONE when not in a class. In theZONE, scholars are expected to do homework, study or read quietly. High school students will be available to provide minimal help if needed, and theZONE will be staffed by one instructor or instructional aide. Scholars must be enrolled in at least one Enrichment class to sign up for theZONE.

Through the Paul Effman Music Service, your scholar will have the opportunity to join the school instrumental music program. Sign up and cost for Band will be handled directly through the Paul Effman program. Click here for music registration forms. The program consists of 30-minute weekly small group lessons and weekly full band rehearsals. Come learn more about this program on Tuesday, August 27 before and after Supply Drop Off Day, 9am-1:00pm.

Metrowest Boys & Girls Club
Scholars will have the option of signing up for the Metrowest Boys & Girls Club program. A bus will transport scholars from McAuliffe to the club daily. There is a fee for the bus. Sign up and cost for this program will be handled directly through the Metrowest Boys & Girls Club. Come learn more about this program on Tuesday, August 27 before and after Supply Drop Off Day, 9am-1:00pm.

Fuller School Drama Program
McAuliffe scholars are invited to audition for the Fuller School drama production this year. Auditions will be held the week after Labor Day and rehearsals will be held from 2:30 - 5:00 Monday through Thursday until production dates of November 1st and 2nd. Scholars who are in the performance will be allowed to be dismissed a bit early in order to get to Fuller in time for a 2:30 start. Families will be responsible for transporting scholars to Fuller - hopefully carpooling will help. 

Fuller has set up a website that includes important information. You can link to the website here. Everyone interested is encouraged to participate in the parent/guardian meeting described on the Fuller Drama website. 

Suburban Athletic Club
Suburban Child will be offering a bus pick up after school at McAuliffe for scholars who sign up for their after school program. Families will sign up directly with Suburban for this afterschool program that will include opportunities for a variety of physical activities. Come learn more about this program on Tuesday, August 27 before and after Supply Drop Off Day, 9am-1:00pm.

Athletics Program
Sports programming will begin at 4:15 so that scholars have the opportunity to sign up for a 2:30 class and still make it to practice. Sign up and cost for Athletics is separate from Enrichment programming. 

Early Release Days and Vacation Days
There will be no enrichment programming on early release days or vacation days. 

Snow Days
When Framingham Schools are closed for snow, there will be no enrichment programming.

There will be days where there is no class assigned but enrichment is open. Those days normally fall before a vacation or end of a term. Scholars are still able to attend theZone. We will have activities they will be able to engage in.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can my child drop in to the after school program?
Scholars can only participate in the classes for which they are enrolled. They cannot drop in if they are not signed up. If they have waiting time between classes, band, or athletics, they are expected to sign up for theZONE.

What if my child has an athletic activity?
Athletics will be generally starting at 4:15 each day so scholars are able to participate in one enrichment class each day at the 2:30 time and still get to practice on time.

What if my child has band or music lessons?
Scholars who are signed up with the Paul Effman Music program will be scheduled for band practice. If the times differ from our designated enrichment slots, the scholars can sign up to join a class, theZONE or Tutoring to Taste for the remainder of the time.

Do the enrichment instructors receive background checks like the school staff?
Yes, every staff member, including enrichment instructors, receive background checks.

What is the ratio of students to staff?
The ratio will vary depending on the class and interest. Some physical activities may be a large as 20:1 or 2 and other activities may be as low as 9:1

What if my child will be absent from enrichment?
When a scholar attends school, but will not be attending Enrichment Class, please notify the Enrichment Coordinator of the plan. Families will be called when an expected scholar is not in class.

What will my child do if you need to cancel a class?
Families will be notified of cancellations by email, or if the cancellation is sudden, by phone. If we are unable to reach a family member, or if you want your child to remain in the program for the full afternoon, the scholar can go to theZONE. 

Will there be a late bus?
If your child takes the bus during the school year, they qualify to take the late bus. We will share times and drop off locations in our afterschool bus memo. 
What happens if I can’t pick up my child by 5:15?

Your child is expected to be picked up after their last class. Scholars must stay inside the locked doors until they are picked up. Scholars who will not be picked up at the end of class must walk home, or to another prearranged location. If you know you will be late, you must call the Enrichment Coordinator at 508-561-0882. You are permitted one late pick up. After that, late fees will be applied.
Can my child return to school for the 3:45 class if they have left school?
No. Once scholars have been dismissed, they should not return to McAuliffe campus. If there are no classes at 2:30 that are of interest to them, scholars can sign up for theZONE to do homework or read. If a scholar has left the building for an appointment, they may return for a later enrichment class with an excuse note.

Should I pack a snack for my child?
Food will not be supplied. If you know your scholar will need a snack, they must bring one to school.

Will my child have a chance to do homework?
If you would like your scholar to have time and space to do homework, they should sign up for theZONE or for a Tutoring to Taste class as one of their choices.

How much notice is needed for my child to make a schedule change?
When you enroll, you are signing up for a 12-week term. It's important that families remember to sign up for the next term that meets their scheduling needs.  Reminders to sign up will be sent out 1 week in advance of the start of the new term. 

How will I be billed?
McAuliffe will bill you electronically via MySchoolBucks which is integrated into the Powerschool Parent Portal. Families can pay online, by check or money order.

How will the enrichment program communicate with me?
We will be communicating primarily through email and the McAuliffe Facebook group. If more immediate communication is needed, the enrichment coordinator will call you.

What if I have questions that are not answered here?
Contact Jill Rabideau, Enrichment Coordinator at jrabideau@mcauliffecharter.org or call 508-561-0882.

Tuition Rates and Fees
1 day/week $95/12 week term
2 days/week:     $120 /12-week term
3 days/week: $170 / 12-week term
4 days/week:     $220 / 12-week term
5 days/week:     $245 / 12-week term


  • Payment is due at the time of registration. 
  • McAuliffe accepts checks,  money orders and credit card payments through MySchoolBucks via the Powerschool Parent portal.  
  • No payment credits or trade days will be given for absences, school closings, or any after school activities outside of enrichment program that a child attends.

Financial Assistance
McAuliffe understands that families have hardships. We want to try and support families as we can. If you are in need of financial assistance, please send an email to Dayshel Reid, Director of Business, HR and Facilities at dreid@mcauliffecharter.org. Dayshel will provide you with directions on how to apply for assistance for the program. 

Tax ID Information
Please note: Per IRS Publication 503, Child & Dependent Care Expenses, page 8, "You do not have to show the taxpayer identification number if the care provider is a tax-exempt organization (such as a church or school). In this case, enter "Tax Exempt" in the space where the tax form calls for the number."