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What is EL Education?

When it comes to scholar achievement, McAuliffe follows the EL Model: “Our definition of scholar success combines academic achievement, character and high quality work. We believe that academic success is built on strong character qualities of collaboration, perseverance, responsibility and compassion, and that character is shaped through engaging and challenging academic work.” EL Education states three core ideas for scholar achievement: Mastery of Knowledge and Skills, Character, and High Quality Work


  • Demonstrate proficiency and deeper understanding of knowledge and skills in every discipline
  • Apply and transfer skills from material to meaningful tasks
  • Think critically by analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing “complex ideas and considering multiple perspectives”
  • Write, speak, and present ideas effectively in a variety of media within and across disciplines


  • Create complex work and demonstrate higher-order thinking through taking multiple perspectives and transferring understanding from a educational medium to tasks and products
  • Demonstrate craftsmanship by creating work that is accurate and beautiful in conception and execution
  • Create authentic work by applying original thinking and voice, connecting to real-world issues and formats, and when possible, produce work that is meaningful to the community beyond school


  • Work to become effective learners by developing the mindsets and skills for success in college, career, and life
  • Work to become ethical people by treating others well and standing up for what is right
  • Contribute to a better world by putting their learning to use to improve communities