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Math Instruction

McAuliffe offers a math course that can meet the needs of your scholar. Math is the only core content area where scholars are grouped by ability. Most 6th graders are scheduled to take 6th Grade Math, an on level math course that aligns with the sixth grade MA Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics.  Other scholars may be scheduled to take 6th Grade Pre-Algebra, where admission to the class is determined by a diagnostic placement test. As needed, a small group of scholars may take a substantially separate math class that is taught by a special educator.

6th Grade Math serves as a bridge between the concepts learned in elementary school and the expectations of middle and high school level math. Computation skills with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions will be further developed and reinforced. Following sixth grade math, scholars are poised to take either 7th Grade Math or 7th Pre-Algebra. The 7th Grade Pre-Algebra Course is an advanced course during which 7th and 8th grade content is taught in one year. This prepares a scholar to take 8th Grade Algebra I in their final year at McAuliffe. About 50% of scholars complete 8th Grade Algebra I and about 50% complete an on level 8th Grade Math course.

6th Grade Pre-Algebra is a course for gifted mathematicians who walk into McAuliffe with an exceptional level of competency in computational mathematics. This course requires a keen aptitude for problem solving and abstract concepts. Scholars must demonstrate diligence in completing assignments and the ability to handle a demanding pace and workload. This course packs 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math standards into a single year. The curriculum includes 6th and 7th grade standards in the MA Curriculum Frameworks as well as all 8th grade standards except for linear expressions and functions. To be placed into 6th grade Pre-Algebra, scholars must take a placement test and earn a very high score on the exam. Successful completion of Pre-Algebra places the scholar in Algebra I as a 7th grader and Geometry as an 8th grader. Scholars often take Algebra II or Honors Algebra II in 9th grade. Note: In Ashland, the transition to high school following this sequence of courses is more difficult than in other districts.

Substantially Separate Math,  is a course for scholars who require math instruction in a small group setting by a special educator. A scholar’s IEP team determines whether a scholar will be placed into this course. We recommend at least three scholars comprise the class in order for the class to exist. Otherwise, a scholar is likely recommended for a co-taught on level inclusion class.

Incoming 7th & 8th Grade Math Scholars entering 7th grade are scheduled to take either 7th Grade Math or 7th Grade Pre-Algebra. Scholars entering 8th grade are scheduled to take either 8th Grade Math or 8th Grade Algebra I. Placements are made based on school records including report cards and MCAS. As needed, a diagnostic placement test may be administered.