The McAuliffe Parent Teacher Group (PTG) exists with a primary purpose to provide parents/guardians with specific ways to support the mission of the Christa McAuliffe Charter School and all scholars’ learning and character development.

PTG leaders have identified priorities for the 2017-18 school year that offer a range of ways for parents/guardians to be involved with lighter or heavier touches, as we recognize that families have different schedules, responsibilities, and flexibility. Our hope is that each family is able to participate in at least one PTG activity/initiative/event whether behind-the-scenes or up-front-and-personal! Thank you for being a part of the McAuliffe community and contributing to our common mission and values!

If you have questions about the PTG or aren’t sure how you can contribute, please contact one of the following individuals:

Jacqui Goldberg
PTG President
Fonda Mangino
Crew Activity Coach
Mara Gorden
Director of Community Development

PTG’s priorities for 2017-18 include:

  • Crew Gatherings:   More active support of Crew Gatherings to help strengthen our community and improve Scholar bonding through crew events held outside of the classroom. More involvement from previous years and goal is to have each crew gather twice.  
  • Staff Appreciation: Shower McAuliffe professionals with gratitude through food as well as fun (and simple!) tokens of appreciation every month.
  • School Socials: Host two socials (McAuliffe dances) at Suburban Athletic Club and recruit parents/guardians to chaperone.
  • Ski Club: Continue to support the operations of Ski Club.
  • Alumni College Scholarship:  Continue to provide opportunity for McAuliffe graduates to apply for a college scholarship; engage a panel of parents/guardians and teachers in the application review and selection process.

PTG meetings typically run 1-1.5 hours in length and we have purposely alternated what night of the week the meetings take place in case parents have standing conflicts on certain nights.  PTG leadership is meeting regularly on an informal basis so it is expected that very little if any of these four meetings will be on administrative topics.  

Please add the  following dates to your calendar:


  • Wednesday, October 4, @ 7pm
  • Tuesday, January 9 @7pm
  • Monday, March 12 @7pm
  • Wednesday, May 30 @7pm - (2018-2019 PTG board elections)


2017-2018 Officers
President Jacqui Goldberg
Vice-President Jamie Chapman
Secretary Julie Wolf
Treasurer Andy Ayelsworth
2017-2018 Committee Chairs
Box Tops Co-Chairs Andrea Carderelli
Robin Grossman
Teacher Appreciation Co-Chairs Cheryl Macrae
Fonda Mangino
School Socials Co-Chairs Cheryl Mitcham
Cariann Steenbruggen 

Meeting Agendas and Minutes