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McAuliffe Parent Teacher Group (PTG)


The McAuliffe Parent Teacher Group (PTG) exists with a primary purpose to provide parents/guardians with specific ways to support the mission of the Christa McAuliffe Charter School and all scholars’ learning and character development. If you have questions about the PTG or aren’t sure how you can contribute, please contact one of the following individuals:

Betsy Fishman, PTG President, mcauliffeptgcrew@gmail.com
Gary Alpert, Director of Admissions and Community Outreach, galpert@mcauliffecharter.org

We are always enthusiastic to welcome new members. 

We hope you join us!

Thank you for being a part of the McAuliffe community and contributing to our common mission and values!  

Our vision for the 2021-22 school year is for each Crew to have at least two gatherings (Fall and Spring) organized by Crew Parents that average 1.5 to 2 hours in length.  For this Fall, we envision virtual gatherings.  Some Crew gatherings could also be organized with Sister Crews.   Note: A minimum of one adult for virtual gatherings and two adults for in-person gatherings to chaperone is necessary to ensure the safety of all involved.

PTG leaders have identified priorities that offer a range of ways for parents/guardians to be involved with lighter or heavier touches, as we recognize that families have different schedules, responsibilities, and flexibility. Our hope is that each family is able to participate in at least one PTG activity/initiative/event whether behind-the-scenes or up-front-and-personal!

  • Community Building: The PTG’s top priority is to help build the school community, both for scholars and families. On 2020-21, we implemented community building through new “Community Hour” virtual meetings and increased support of Crews.
  • Crew Gatherings: More active support of Crew Gatherings to help strengthen our community and improve Scholar bonding through Crew events held outside of the classroom. More involvement from previous years and goal is to have each Crew gather twice outside of school.
  • Staff Appreciation: Shower McAuliffe professionals with gratitude through simple tokens of appreciation every month.
  • School Socials: Host two social opportunities for scholars and recruit parents/guardians to plan and chaperone.
  • Alumni College Scholarship: Continue to provide opportunity for McAuliffe graduates to apply for a college scholarship; engage a panel of parents/guardians and teachers in the application review and selection process.

2023-24 Officers
PresidentBetsy Fishman
Vice President
2023-24 Committee Chairs
McAuliffe Gear CoordinatorYael Katzman
PTG Meeting Coordinator
Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs
Social Committee Chair
Teacher Appreciation Coordinator

PTG meetings are held via Zoom on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm, with October 6, 2021 as the first meeting. The format will be a short business meeting followed by a presentation and Q&A.

Click here for meeting agendas and minutes.

President or Co-President(s)
This person(s)  is the liaison to the school on behalf of the PTG and helps to coordinate the officers and volunteers. This person hosts the monthly meetings and works closely with the PTG Meeting Coordinator to prepare materials for monthly meetings.

Vice president or Co-Vice President(s)
This person works closely with the President to help with the coordination of events and volunteers. This person takes over monthly meetings when the president is not available

This person takes the notes at the monthly meetings and files them in the PTG Google folder which is accessible to all families at McAuliffe.

This person coordinates the group’s financials. This includes making deposits and writing checks, as well as filing the annual report to the state.

In addition to the above listed board positions, the PTG is always seeking volunteers to coordinate the following Committees and Activities:

McAuliffe Gear Committee Coordinator
This person or people coordinate the logistics of the gear sale a few times a year and/or manages an ongoing online gear store. This can be led by 1-2 parent/guardian leaders who coordinate the gear orders throughout the year.

PTG Meeting Coordinator
This person is responsible for assisting the president and vice president in planning the monthly meetings and recruiting the guest speakers.

PTG School Socials Coordinator
This person or people coordinate 2-3 school socials each school year. This might look like an event at Dave & Busters, an Escape Room, or an online trivia event to name a few examples.

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator
This person or people coordinate appreciation events throughout the year for all faculty.